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Who Am I?

Hi I'm Jordan Casey I'm 19 years old and I'm from Waterford in Ireland. I'm an entrepreneur, self-taught programmer, advocate, public speaker and coach. I've always been fascinated by computers and technology and believe I possessed an entrepreneurial mindset since a very young age. When I was nine years old, I taught myself how to write websites after being inspired by the online game Club Penguin.

After a number of years of writing about games, I soon was eager for a new challenge and wanted instead to create my own. At the age of 12 I discovered the iOS development kit and so began my journey as an iPhone game developer. In 2012, I was Europe's youngest iOS app developer.

Also in 2012 I was first exposed to the world of public speaking at the Cannes Lions Festival and have since discovered a huge love and passion for oratory. I regularly travel the world sharing my story, exposing the world to youth entrepreneurship and the future of education and trying to inspire whoever I can.

Having nearly 10 years experience of working as a young entrepreneur and having witnessed incredible and drastic change in the technological world, I also work as a coach and ambassador, sharing my experience with entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds.

Over the years of working as a young entrepreneur, I've been exposed to so much. This had lead to me developing huge passions for both young entrepreneurship and education. I believe that young people deserve to be heard and I actively promote a change to our outdated and flawed idea of education.

Over the years I've been nominated for a BAFTA, have won numerous awards from organisations such as the BT Young Scientist, The Student Enterprise Awards, Bank of Ireland and the MBRF. I've been named one of Ireland's most influential teenagers by the Irish independent and have won a bursary on Junior Dragon's Den. I am also an avid writer and have contributed articles to the Irish Independent, Irish times and Waterford News and Star. My work has been featured on FOX News, the New York Times, El Pais, The Late Late Show among countless others and I remain active in using the platform I've been lucky to gain in promoting the potential of young people when given a voice.





"If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs."

Coaching and Ambassador

Here I showcase my experience and expertise as a coach and ambassador

StartUp Coach

I have worked as a startup coach, mentoring various teams and helping to guide them down the right path. I offer a youthful, fresh approach and am particularly experienced in the area of technology. I have recently worked as a distinguished coach and Google and Techstar's startup weekend. I was also a coach for the European Union Intellectual Property Office's Ideas Powered event. I have also served on the advisory board of successful companies such as MindCandy.

Youth Advisor

I'm extremely passionate about young people. Through my own experiences as a teenage entrepreneur, I have been faced with constant challenges and barriers due to my age and this is something I actively work on changing for others. I have served as a youth advisor to the European Commission, giving a young person's viewpoint on important issues such as the Digital Agenda. I'm also extremely passionate about education reform and I remain active in promoting a project based ecosystem.


I have worked extensively in a number of different ambassadorial duties and I love to promote and share causes that I care about. I have been an ambassador for Bizworld, have served as Google's Call to Code inaugural ambassador, have served as an ambassador and content host for eir Business. I am also a "Knowledge Ambassador" for the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation working extensively with the government of Dubai and the UAE.


Projects: Past and Present

TEM (Current)

My current initative, the Teenage Entrepreneur Movement (TEM) is a global digital network dedicated to supporting and nurturing the next generation of young entrepreneurs and innovators all over the world. It is built for entrepreneurs by them.

SCNE (Current)

SCNE is the Social City Nightlife Experience. An upcoming movement dedicated to Music.

KidsCode 2014-2016

KidsCode was an online platform that combined gaming with education by providing a free multiplayer virtual world where kids could come together and learn programming in a safe visual environment.

TeachWare 2013-2015

TeachWare was an online cloud based education platform that allowed teacher to easily manage their classrooms securely. One of my most successful ventures, TeachWare was managing the information of over 30,000 students worldwide.

Casey Games 2012

My first venture was Casey Games. I founded it in 2012 and it launched me into the world of technology and entrepreneurship. One of Ireland's earliest mobile game companies, our most successful game, Alien Ball VS Humans, topped game charts in Ireland and Europe.




Since 2012, I have been lucky to establish myself as an advocate for youth entrepreneurship, travelling the world sharing my story at hundreds of events in front of thousands of people. From European Union Events, five TEDx Talks, Schools, Private Events, Major Conferences and everything in between, my storytelling, passion and desire to inspire has enabled me to travel 5 continents speaking about what I love.

Highlights Include: MOZEFO Mozambique, MindShare Saudi Arabia, 5 TEDx talks incl. India, TiEcon USA, WebCongress Miami/Colombia, Web Summit Ireland, Dubai Knowledge Summit UAE, European Innovation Summit Belgium, BETT UK

Hire Me: Speaking is a huge passion of mine and I'm always interested in sharing my story and ideas and promoting young people. I primarily work in Keynote, Panel and Fireside environments but have also worked as an MC in the past. I try to bring a young person's enthusiasm and humour combined with fresh ideas and a clear knowledge and passion for the subject at hand.

I am currently signed to the Thinking Heads agency and you can get in touch by clicking here. Below are some of my speaking highlights: